The Random Number Generator

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With all these techniques and strategies for maximizing your winnings, one might almost forget that online casino games are all about chance. How sure are you that you can predict the future, and which cards will be drawn? It doesn’t seem easy to us. Besides, the notion of luck is taken seriously on all casino sites that are legal and reliable.

If many online gamblers remain suspicious of the practices of these operators, we will quickly reassure you through this article. Yes, because you will never again be able to doubt the reels of a slot machine or a roulette wheel. Whether you lose or enjoy a great jackpot, it’s up to luck. Indeed, online casinos are required to use a computer system that guarantees fairness between players and the house.

What is this system present in all online casinos?

Since their arrival on the gambling market, electronic and computerized machines have always been suspected of cheating. Clearly, players seem to trust the dealers and the professionalism of land-based casino managers more. However, the Internet revolution has not stimulated cheating.

Indeed, random number generators often referred to as RNGs, are designed to ensure that the notion of chance is respected. First introduced in electronic slot machines in the form of a microprocessor, they are now computer programs that are directly integrated into the online games of a casino.

Simply put, the random number generator will create a sequence of numbers so that no one can find the one that will be drawn in the next round. With this system, the jackpot no longer falls at a specific time. In addition, the electronic balls in a roulette wheel will stop on completely random numbers. Winners who play at online casinos know that this RNG provides you with unwavering security.

How reliable is this random number generator?

We have received a lot of messages from players asking us if these random number generators are reliable. Our answer is a big yes. Indeed, these computer programs are able to reproduce randomness without any problems. Thanks to very complicated encrypted algorithms, it is impossible to guess what the draw will be.

On the other hand, online casinos cannot control this system. A random number generator will be produced by a subsidiary company that employs highly skilled mathematicians. In addition, these systems are regularly audited by the licensing bodies. Clearly, if you play at a legal casino, the RNG ensures that there is 100% randomness every time.

Of course, there are a few smart people who are experts in mathematics and computer science who try to figure out the algorithms produced by the random number generators. However, there is very little chance that you will find the right combination. To win, trust your lucky stars and use our strategies to minimize risk and place the best bets.