The craziest casinos in the world: magnificent places and absurd locations

Poker table

Testing your skills with the game is more stimulating if you are immersed in dreamy and surreal locations. Casinos, in fact, are not just large rooms with dark walls, huge green tables and countless rows of slots. Sometimes, they are suggestive and extravagant locations, which exceed expectations and make the experience unforgettable. Let’s discover the six craziest casinos in the world.

The 6 most extravagant casinos

A refined and innovative location can enrich the gaming experience, offering unique sensations to its players. For this reason, some structures can accompany their guests in unforgettable and unrepeatable experiences, which go beyond the simple game. Here, then, that among the most original casinos in the world, we find:

Desert Cave Hotel:

located in Australia, in Coober Pedy, is one of the most extravagant places to play. In fact, players have the opportunity to test themselves in an underground location. It is a real mine, completely restored and modernized, in which the first Australian underground hotel was created. The typical red rocks, in fact, outline all the rooms and add a magical touch to this unique experience;

Resort World Genting:

in the heart of Malaysia is the unlikely and absurd Casino in the clouds, at more than 2 thousand meters high. Players, therefore, have the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view, being surprised by the sky and the heights;

Sun City Casino Resort:

one of the most exclusive structures is located in South Africa, immersed in the savannah. In fact, it is possible to enjoy memorable safaris and a unique view between one game and another. In addition, in the same Resort, many activities are also available for recreation, such as golf, hot air balloon rides and parasailing;

Casino Baden:

between the German borders, there is one of the most beautiful casinos. It is a structure opened to the public 150 years ago and which, even today, remains very up-to-date and appreciated by players from all over the world. You have the impression of entering a royal palace and extremely elegant, adorned in nineteenth-century style and positioned in the middle of a large green expanse. You will feel like stepping back in time and immersing yourself in an atmosphere of yesteryear;

Altai Palace Casino:

this is a structure lost in the Altai Mountains, in Siberia’s heart. The engineer Roman Spodyrev has designed this casino focusing on luxury. In fact, it is entirely adorned with wool carpets from Italy and sinks painted with gold;

Deltin Royale:

could not miss even a floating casino. It is a cruise ship entirely dedicated to players. It is open to all lovers of poker and cards, crossing international waters and offering breathtaking views.

These are just some of the most evocative but also simple curious places where a player can go to live a unique experience of its kind. Therefore, all that remains is to choose whether to have fun at high altitude or underground, among the cold mountains or immersed in warm locations combining the passion for the game to the magnificent context.