Crash Gambling: Which game to choose?

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The crash gambling game is very simple to understand – a line keeps going up, multiplying your bet, until it crashes. While it’s rising, you’re free to withdraw whenever you want, even automatically. Your bet is multiplied by the number indicated when you stopped, if you don’t do it in time, you lose your bet.

Crash gambling game

Probably the most famous casino mini-game, the crashing plane is a great way to play with your money and experience the best (and worst) thrills.

Often taking the form of an exploding plane, the crash game can also take the form of a ship, or a simple line going up. But the principle remains the same, regardless of the casino. A plane with a multiplier takes off and crashes at a random time.

You’ve probably seen a crash gambling game on tik tok, Instagram, or snapchat and you want to try it too? Here is the list of the best crash games, only on reliable and secure sites, with welcome bonuses for new players.

crash gambling in tick tock


Jet X is probably the most popular crash game. It’s a game with a ship that goes up and explodes at a random time. Available exclusively on CBET, this cash game has quickly made a name for itself among slot machines. It’s highly addictive and allows for some incredible stunts, with multipliers that exceed a thousand. You will have to bet a minimum of 10 cents and a maximum of C$100 per spin.

The rocket is waiting for you! (Minimum deposit of C$20 – Doubled through our link)


The most popular plane in the online casino! Aviator is all about the crash, with the ability to place 2 bets at the same time. This money game with an airplane is available at Casino Extra. The airplane multiplier can take you to new heights, with a minimum bet of C$0.10 per spin and a maximum of C$100. You can follow the bets of other players and chat in the chat room.

Minimum deposit is C$10 (doubled through our link)

Jetx 3

The direct sequel to the Jet X game, which is not exclusive this time. In this crash game, the system is a bit innovative. There are not 1 but 3 different ships. When one of them explodes, you don’t lose your bet, but the multiplier is divided by 2. So you have more time to withdraw when the ships go up. You can make up to 3 bets at the same time, with a maximum payout of C$10,000. The game is as easy to play as the first version, with a duller design but overall improved.

Minimum deposit of C$20 (doubled through our link)


I really like Cappadocia, because it’s a change from other crash games. This cash game places you in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, known for its hot air balloon launches. That’s the whole point here, a cash game with hot air balloons that go up and explode. You can launch up to 5 hot air balloons at the same time, the goal being to get out before it explodes. You can also see the other players in the background. This is a CBET exclusive.

Minimum deposit is C$10 (doubled through our link)

Crash Stake

Back to basic! On the Stake crash gambling game, we find the basic version of the crash. A simple line that goes up, and the possibility to stop when you want (before it ends). The advantage of this original Stake game is that there is the possibility to make strategies like the martingale. The statistics are much more detailed and there is no limit to the number of wins per round. The only downside is that you can only make one bet per spin.

Minimum deposit of C$20 (C$7 offered through our link)

Crash Gamdom

Quite similar to Crash Stake, Crash Gamdom offers you only the essentials (a curve and a multiplier). A small advantage for Gamdom, you can deposit with PayPal. You can also use the multitasker to play several money games at the same time. A chat allows you to discuss with other players, remaining cordial.

No minimum deposit (Up to C$50 free with the code CSGODUDE)

Crash Roobet

Similar to Crash Stake. Roobet is not very well known to French speakers because the site is only available in English. Here, the principle of the crash remains the same, but the curve approaches different styles (plane, ship, heart…). The bets are made in cryptocurrency: bitcoin, ethereum, doge, litecoin, and more. The Auto function allows you to play without touching anything and withdraw the amount of your choice.

No minimum deposit (Level 1 offered using the code cryptocasinoio)

Crash Trust Dice

Last crash of this list, the goal is always the same, a line, a multiplier, go at the right time. On trust dice crash, you have an RTP of 98.5% which is higher than average. It also stands out with the ability to play very small amounts, under a penny. Bets are made in cryptocurrency: bitcoin, ethereum, TXT, and more. You also have an automatic mode that allows you to choose your settings and play for you.


A pale copy of Jet X, jetlucky is not very innovative. It is a crash game, featuring a plane that takes off and explodes in a random way. You can make 2 different bets on the same turn. Overall, the game is very common, with no new features or additional functionality. You can play JetLucky exclusively at Ma Chance online casino.

Minimum deposit of C$20 (doubled through our link)

JetLucky crash game


You now know the best crash gambling game. Remember, the casino is always a winner in the long run; you should know how to set limits and deposit only money you are willing to lose. May luck be with you.