One Second Vitamins

Launch of New Product/Service (BRONZE)

Client Credits: Jamieson Laboratories
Jamieson Laboratories

Agency Credits: UNION Advertising Canada LP


Business Results Period (Consecutive Months):April 2016 - July 2016
Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: April 25, 2015
Base Period as a Benchmark: N/A
Geographic Area: National
Budget for this effort: $500,000 - $1 million

Why should this case win in the category (ies) you have entered?
Sure, we all know vitamins are healthy. But taking them daily is one more hassle on top of our already busy schedules. It’s no surprise that at least 40% of people forget to take them every day. So Jamieson developed Vitamin Sprays, a portable format that can be used anywhere and taken in no time.

The convenient format paired with a strong insight lent itself to an innovative campaign, #OneSecondVitamins. In order to break through and capture the attention of busy consumers, we created a series of online videos that are as quick to watch as the Vitamin Sprays are to use. In fact, our unique, one-second product demonstrations were so quick, consumers got the message before they could even scroll past them in their newsfeed.

And just like that, it worked. The #OneSecondVitamins campaign drove sales 111% above projections during the campaign period, putting Jamieson on track to exceed revenue targets for the year. For one second, that’s a big impact.

a) Describe the Client’s business, competition and relevant history:

An aging Canadian population and rising interest in natural health solutions has meant incredible growth for the vitamin and supplement (VMS) category. Jamieson Laboratories has long been the category leader, manufacturing and distributing high quality natural health products since 1922.

But shelves are getting crowded in response to the demand. So in recent years, Jamieson has shifted their focus to innovation; looking for new ways to increase vitamin usage occasions to strengthen its position as category leader. 

b) Describe the Client’s Business Issues/Opportunities to be addressed by the campaign:

When it comes to category barriers, there’s one elephant in the room: a lot of people don’t actually like taking pills, the dominate format for vitamins and supplements. Studies show that this strongly affects compliancy, meaning that at least 40% of people who buy vitamins don’t take them as often as they should and therefore buy them less often. Not only does this mean lost revenue for and lower repeat purchases for Jamieson, it means consumers don’t get the full health benefits from them.  

In order to drive compliance and frequency, as well as protect their leadership position, Jamieson introduced Vitamin Sprays; a new and more convenient format for taking Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Melatonin. 

c) Resulting Business Objectives: Include how these will be measured:
Given that this was a new product launch for Jamieson, the objectives were straight forward:

Increase awareness above 13.6%: At launch, the product had only been on shelf for a few weeks and awareness was incredibly low

Reach 47% of yearly sales target: Aggressive sales forecasts were set for launch through to the end of 2016. Our goal was to reach 47% of the forecasted sales by the end of the campaign period.

a) What new learnings/insights did you uncover?

Together with Jamieson, we took a deep dive into our core target: a mid-thirties, married, working, suburban mom. She uses vitamins to balance out her diet and hectic lifestyle, yet she hasn’t been able to get into the habit of taking them religiously. 

This is driven by two things:

  1. Like most, she doesn’t really like taking pills and finds the experience unpleasant
  2. It’s easy to forget them. In her always-on life, she’s rarely in reaching distance of a glass of water AND a bottle of vitamins. When she does remember to take them it is often while battling through rush hour traffic or in the middle of a haircut, so this fleeting thought is rarely re-addressed.

We needed to convince her that vitamins could be a natural fit in her current routine without adding another step to her already busy day.

b) What was your Big Idea?

No matter how busy you are, everyone has at least one second to spare. So we launched #onesecondvitamins - a campaign designed to demonstrate in as little as one second how easy it can be take your vitamins anywhere. 

c) How did your Communication strategy evolve?

Knowing that we couldn’t directly attack pills, which happen to make up the majority of Jamieson’s product portfolio, we approached our strategy with one very simple principle: seeing is believe.

We believed that she needed to see a) that Jamieson vitamins are a quick and fool proof format b) that great flavours make for a more enjoyable experience and c) you can literally take them anytime, anywhere.

In short, we needed to show her that Jamieson vitamins were easier to take than to forget. 

d) How did you anticipate the communication would achieve the Business Objectives?

In order to build awareness, we knew we needed to capture our target’s attention and clearly articulate that this product would solve her problem – lack of time and an aversion to pills. We believed that doing this in a way that didn’t bombard her with information or further interrupt her day was the key to standing out.

Whether it was a mother holding twin babies, or a woman standing on her head during yoga class, we created video content was so succinct that it delivered the message in a little time as it takes to use the product. We believed this would help to reinforce that the product was perfect for her busy life and doing so in a simple way would allow us to get on her consideration set and ultimately drive sales. 

Section IV — THE WORK
a) How, where and when did you execute it?

Having a creative platform that complimented the product innovation perfectly meant that we needed to execute it in an equally innovative way. We knew that our target seeks refuge from her busy day by turning to digital and social media. Using digital display and video as well as paid social posts, we were able to broadcast the bite-sized videos without taking up too much of her time and ensure that our message was received before she was able to hit the skip button or scroll by. The charming nature of the creative stood out among the boring stuff she would normally see in her newsfeed, which allowed us to capture her attention and entertain her.

Pre-roll video:

Jamieson Screen shot

Facebook Newsfeed Ad:

 Jamieson Facebook ad

Digital Display:

Jamieson digital display

We also used our knowledge of how she seeks out information about health products and focused on search as a way to drive purchase consideration. We developed a landing page using the same eye-catching look and feel, providing a destination that allowed her to dig deeper into the product, benefits, and ultimately add Jamieson Sprays to her shopping list.

Landing Page:


Jamieson landing page

c) Media Plan Summary

Jamieson Media Plan

a) How did the work impact attitudes and behaviour?

The campaign proved very engaging, with over 9,000,000 impressions and over 5,000,000 video views. This was 24% higher than projected based on the media buy, thanks to above average engagement with the content like that helped to drive organic views of the content.

b) What Business Results did the work achieve for the client?

For a campaign based around very short videos, the impact was large:

  • Sales of Jamieson Vitamin sprays were 111% above forecast during the campaign period, putting Jamieson on track to exceed revenue targets for the years.
  • Awareness of the product, which was measured mid campaign, has already risen 47.5% from 13.6% to 61.1%.

Jamieson Sprays sales vs. forecast

c) Other Pertinent Results


d) What was the campaign’s Return on Investment?


Section VI — Proof of Campaign Effectiveness
a) Illustrate the direct cause and effect between the campaign and the results

There is no doubt that results were driven by the campaign. Beyond sales rising in tandem with our campaign in-market dates, creative testing for the campaign validates that the work does in fact drive purchase intent, with 62% of respondents saying they are more likely to try the product after seeing the work.

b) Prove the results were not driven by other factors
Campaign spend vs. history and competition:

The average media spend from Jamieson to support a new product launch is approximately 4x what was spent on media for Vitamin Sprays. The sale forecast was created with this in mind, yet the campaign still delivered above forecast. 

Pre-existing Brand momentum:

While the campaign was in market there were no other efforts driving unusual momentum for Jamieson and the total category saw only a 1% growth


Pricing and promotional activity was not unusual during the campaign period. As a new product and format we are unable to compare our results to past years. 

Changes in Distribution/Availability:

Distribution levels had reached their peak prior to the campaign launch date and therefore none of the sales spikes can be attributed to increases in distribution. 

Unusual Promotional Activity:


Any other factors: