Cassies 2015 Winners

Grand Prix
Molson Canadian

Events, Seasonal and Short-Term
WestJet Christmas Miracle (GOLD)
Canadian Tire Ice Truck (GOLD)
Skip Starbucks Saturday (GOLD)
IKEA House Rules (GOLD)
Team Photo Project (Short Term) (SILVER)
Toronto Raptors "We The North" (SILVER)
Countdown (SILVER)
Throwaway Thursday (SILVER)
IKEA 2014 Catalogue (SILVER)
Oreo Olympics (SILVER)
Together We Will (SILVER)
OKA: Quebec’s original treasure, since 1863 (SILVER)
Change Your Life with Bacon (SILVER)
290 Calorie Egg McMuffin (SILVER)
RESL 2013 Campaign (SILVER)
Workopolis, the morning after (BRONZE)
Who'da thought (BRONZE)
Tobacco Cessation - Keep Trying (BRONZE)
Canadian Tire's "The Canadian Way" - Digital Catalogue (BRONZE)
IKEA Quick & Easy Room Makeover (BRONZE)
Sunglasses (BRONZE)
Winter Warrior (BRONZE)
Boston Pizza Ribs (BRONZE)
Understanding Campaign (BRONZE)
One Hero (BRONZE)
Off to a Good Start
Cloud 10 – Revitalizing the Airport as an acquisition channel (GOLD)
UBISOFT: Watch_Dogs Live (GOLD)
Coming Home (SILVER)
Tangerine: It's That Simple (SILVER)
Forester Family Rally (SILVER)
Taco Bell Eat Your Words (SILVER)
Where No Wine Has Gone Before (BRONZE)
Milk Every Moment (BRONZE)
Shreddies Genuine Goodness (BRONZE)
Packaged Goods
Molson Canadian (GOLD)
Mr. Clean - Legendary Campaign (GOLD)
Kraft "Guilty Pleasure" (BRONZE)
York University - this is my time (BRONZE)
KETTLE – Tipping Point (BRONZE)
Technology Products/Services
Koodo Community. Building brand love in an unexpected place. (SILVER)
La Presse+ Launch (BRONZE)
Sustained Success
Boston Pizza "Here To Make You Happy" (GOLD)
32 cuts. 32 emotions. (SILVER)
Civic Nation (BRONZE)
Scotiabank SCENE (BRONZE)
Jackson-Triggs: We've Got A Wine For That (BRONZE)
The Fonds RRSP: 30% more (BRONZE)
Long Term Success
Hellmann's Real Food Movement (GOLD)
Koodo: The Little Brand That Could (SILVER)
forester (SILVER)
Civic Nation (BRONZE)
University of Manitoba Trailblazer (BRONZE)
Best Launch
La Presse+ Launch (BRONZE)
Best Matching of Message to Medium(s)
Cloud 10 – Revitalizing the Airport as an acquisition channel (GOLD)
UBISOFT: Watch_Dogs Live (GOLD)
Taco Bell Eat Your Words (SILVER)
Canadian Success on The Global Stage
Mr. Clean - Legendary Campaign (GOLD)