Our Team

The only thing more interesting than slots is the experience of playing them online. We are responsible for what we do, so we took the time to build our team by gathering the best experts familiar with gambling and slots in particular.

cassies team

All of them daily select the best online slot machines, visiting many online casinos. Thanks to their years of experience, they conduct their assessment and then share their opinion with you.

Our team is divided into two categories of experts:

Operators are enthusiastic people who have been casino employees with high-quality virtual experiences in the past. Operators are very knowledgeable. They know everything about the design, usability, gameplay of online casinos. They know which casinos are considered the best and have worked with gamblers to understand their psychology.

Special analysts – analyze the slots themselves. They regularly visit online casinos or contact gaming companies directly and do their own research and analysis.

Our Top Experts:

  • Robin Hintz
  • Berry Carroll
  • Emmett Friesen
  • Katarina Schamberger
  • Emanuel Wehner
  • Cecile Bogisich