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OVERVIEW: A campaign that goes well beyond traditional packaged food activity, creating a social mission that delivered excellent and sustained results.

SITUATION ANALYSIS: Hellman's had enjoyed years of success, but because of changing food preferences the business was under pressure. Despite being made of simple, natural ingredients, Hellman's had come to be seen by many as "junk in a jar." This obviously had to be fixed.

STRATEGY & INSIGHT: Hellmann's is made with eggs, oil and vinegar, so it would be possible create an "ingredient' campaign that tapped into the trend away from chemical-laden food. However, it seemed unlikely that such a campaign, on its own, would be persuasive enough. Attention turned to the larger societal longing for the genuine and the authentic, and this led to the idea of creating a social mission rather than a typical product campaign. It was called the Real Food Movement.

EXECUTION: The campaign began in 2007 with the Hellmann's Community Gardens project in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Selected consumers could plant fruit/vegetable gardens and grow real foods. A TV campaign told consumers about the initiative, while a website had resources on gardening, planting, farmers markets, etc. In 2008, Hellmann's went on to establish a national partnership with Evergreen, a not-for-profit whose mission is to make cities more liveable. This doubled the number of Community Garden plots. In support, there was TV, newspaper, online, in-store and PR, along with a media partnership with CanWest which led to four :15 spots with celebrity chef Chuck Hughes. His commitment to real and local foods was a perfect complement to the brand. In 2009, a mini documentary exposed unsettling truths. Prime farmland is being paved over, and Canadians are losing the ability to eat Canadian. Hellmann's could stand against this, with its real, Canadian ingredients giving it credibility. This evolved into the "Eat Real. Eat Local" extension of the campaign, with TV,, social media, digital, in-store, print and PR.

RESULTS: Over the three years of the case Hellman's REAL mayonnaise volume grew by 14%, and market share increased from 25% to 29.3% - overtaking market leader Kraft Miracle Whip. These are the best results the brand has ever achieved.

CAUSE & EFFECT: Tracking showed a strong "real food' shift, with consumers strongly associating Hellmann's with "Made with real and simple ingredients' and "Fits with the way I want to eat." Based on this, and the absence of other significant changes in the mix, it is clear that the social mission campaign delivered the results.

Unilever Canada
Christopher Luxon - General Manager
Mark Olney - VP Marketing
Geoff Craig - VP Marketing
Sharon MacLeod - Marketing Director
Jon Affleck - Marketing Director
Juanita Pelaez; Ian Busch - Brand Managers
Monica Palit - Assistant Brand Manager

Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk - Co Chief Creative Officers
Ivan Pols - Art Director
Chris Dacyshyn; Siobhan Dempsey; Jane Murray - Copywriters
Laurie Young - Managing Director
Aviva Groll - Group Account Director
Sarah Kostecki; Stasha Poznan - Account Supervisors
Coby Shuman - Account Executive

PHD - Media
Harbinger - PR
Dashboard - Digital
Segal - Promotions