CASSIES Categories

Automotive - Includes campaigns in Autos, Motorcycles, Gas and Oil sectors.

Brand Content - Includes content programs created by brands, from one-off TV, film, game and print executions to ongoing web series and other content marketing programs that range from entertainment to educational. May include websites, catalogues and CRM programs with significant editorial content production, as well as social media content initiatives (Youtube channels, Instagram, etc.).

Brand Reawakening - Includes the revitalisation of brands that have previously under-performed their historical norms and/or their current potential, perhaps having been caused by de-prioritisation by the client or by having failed to respond to market/consumer changes.

Building Brand Equity - Includes campaigns which not only grow sales and profits, but do so while simultaneously enhancing brand uniqueness, perhaps by making existing brand equities stronger and more relevant, or by introducing new equity elements that better position the brand for future growth.

Canadian Success on the Global Stage - Includes Canadian-generated campaigns run in other countries, and also regional or global campaigns that demonstrate a significant Canadian contribution to the work where results can be causally attributed to that contribution. Unintended spillover effects into the U.S. or beyond not specifically targeted by the campaign will not be considered or awarded. Out-of-Canada offices of a Canadian company are eligible to enter this category.

Capitalizing on Curveballs - Includes campaigns developed quickly and effectively in response to unpredictable events. The curveball could be the entry of a new competitor into the category requiring a brand defence, or the opening up of a new opportunity, perhaps through changes in legislation, client merger/acquisition, new media channels etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Includes campaigns developed to highlight and/or leverage activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.

Cause - Includes Not-for-Profit campaigns and also Government and Advocacy sectors. To win in this category the case usually must show behavioural change, not just attitudinal change, resulting from the campaign.

Entertainment/Technology - Includes campaigns for films, TV, music, games, publications and other forms of content and media, as well as related sectors such as gambling, live events (sports and performing arts), festivals and subscription platforms (such as cable and streaming). Also includes campaigns in Telecoms, Durables and Consumer Electronics sectors.

Event - Includes work highlighting one-off activities such as store openings, a brand day or a brand anniversary, either run in isolation or as part of a wider-ranging campaign. It may also include activities of a limited, fixed duration, for example McDonald’s Free Coffee promotion.

Launch of New Product/Service - For cases describing the launch within the previous 24-months of new or 'new and improved' products and services.

Limited Resources - Includes campaigns developed and/or run at a significant resource disadvantage to either the competition or previous campaigns. The limited resource could be production budget, media spend, availability of past brand equities, personnel or even time.

Long Term Success (Minimum 36 months Business Results Period) - Includes campaigns that span several years. It is not essential that the case shows linear, inexorable growth – even the most successful long-term campaigns encounters blips due to competitive response, Private Label encroachment, creative tiredness etc. – but it must be shown that the blip has been overcome and the campaign continues to deliver superior results.

Matching Message to Medium - Includes campaigns that are able to demonstrate incremental effectiveness coming from how well the message(s)was/were creatively tailored to effectively utilise the chosen medium/media. Entries in this category can include either a laser-targeted campaign in a single medium or a multi-channel campaign.

New Brand Positioning - Includes campaigns which take a brand in a new direction, perhaps a new target market or a new consumer benefit.

Packaged Goods - Includes campaigns in Food, Beverage, Health & Wellness, Personal Care, Household Care, Pet Care, Nutrition and OTC sectors.

Pivotal Insight - Includes campaigns whose success demonstrably flows from the uncovering (either previously well-hidden or unnoticed in plain sight) of a relevant and compelling insight that led to a new communication approach for the brand. The insight might be about the brand usage/benefits, or it might be about the consumer: who they are, their mindset or even where they are.

Retail - Includes campaigns for retailers, from grocery to QSR, as well as ecommerce brands and retail centres.

Seasonal - Includes calendar-driven activities such as Christmas and Easter campaigns, summer tourism blitz, RRSPs, Spring inventory clearout etc. Also includes seasonal brands, for example Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.

Services - Includes campaigns in Professional, Financial, Employment, Education, Transit and Travel sectors.

Strategic Thinking – Includes cases that were clearly driven by a high level of strategic thinking in analysing and translating the client’s business issue /opportunity into an effective communication campaign.

Sustained Success (24-36 months results) - Includes cases with a Business Results Period of at least 24 calendar months that show continued progress and momentum through that period.

Targeting - Includes campaigns whose success demonstrably flows from the selection of specific target markets. Target markets could be niche or mass, based on demographics, psychographics, race, sexual orientation, attitudinal or any other factor relevant to the brand and/or its market.

Underdog - Includes campaigns which operate under some kind of size or structural disadvantage, apart from limited budget. The disadvantage could range from brand owners market capitalisation, brand size, brand demographics to share of mind.

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