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The CASSIES is Canada's premier advertising awards, the only awards focused on the effect advertising has on driving advertisers' business based on published case studies.

To win a CASSIES, you need three things:

  1. Great advertising.
  2. Great results.
  3. A compelling business case.

1) Great advertising. The CASSIES was set up in 1993 to showcase how Canadian-produced advertising can be instrumental in profitably advancing the business goals of advertisers in Canada across short, medium and long-term time horizons. We believe that great advertising and great results are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are symbiotic. Consequently, the quality of the advertising as perceived by the judges forms a part of the judging criteria: 30% of the overall scoring.

2) Great results. Given the above remit, it is crucial in writing a CASSIES case that you are able to show the impact of the advertising on key business metrics. The strength of the results accounts for 30% of judges’ scoring. In Packaged Goods categories these would include sales, consumption, market share and profits; in the Cause category they would include donations, engagement and awareness. While some clients are wary of releasing such data into the public domain, every case needs to be formally approved by the client to be submitted. Not being able to highlight the progress made on such metrics for reasons of confidentiality is a severe hindrance to the winning of a CASSIES.

3) A compelling business case. Probably the biggest single reason why submitted cases fail to win a CASSIES is the failure of the case-writer to demonstrate to well-informed, sceptical judges that the great results were primarily brought about by the great advertising. 40% of the judges’ score is on how convincing is the case. As case-writer, you have to prove with a well-constructed argument that the advertising drove substantial and significant results, actively demonstrating the results were not caused by other factors in the marketing mix. To ensure consistency of approach, we insist all cases are submitted in a set format using this site’s case template.

This site will help you not only enter your case but make it as strong as possible. Please take the time to read through all the sections before commencing with your case. Good luck!

The CASSIES is the only Canadian organization with such a mission, and is presented by:

  • The Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA)
  • Association des agencies de communication creative (A2C)
  • Association des professionnels de la communication et du marketing (APCM)

Call for entries: Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Early Bird Deadline for entries: Monday, August 15, 2016

Final Deadline for entries: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Recent Announcements

June 8, 2015

Seeking Stand-Out Communications Campaigns: CASSIES 2016 Call for Submissions Announced

Prestigious awards program introduces new early bird entry fee for July 17 and final submission deadline for August 5, 2015

Toronto, ON, June 8, 2015 — The CASSIES, Canada’s only industry awards recognizing communications effectiveness based on rigorous published cases, has just announced its 2016 call for submissions. This year it has introduced new early bird pricing, with submissions due by Friday July 17th, 2015, by 12:00pm EST, and final submissions due by Wednesday August 5th, 2015 at 12:00pm EST.

“The prestigious CASSIES awards hold significant merit not only within the creative communications industry, but also within the Canadian business landscape, and these awards make big demands on those entering,” says John Bradley, judging convener, CASSIES. “The CASSIES are difficult to win, so as part of our mission to improve industry standards, this year, we’re featuring some of the 2015 gold-winning cases on www.cassies.ca, to help case writers understand what our judges require.”

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February 20, 2015

CASSIES Honours Canada's Top Business-Building Communications Campaigns

National Pride Reigns Supreme as Rethink and Molson Coors' "Beer Fridge" Captures the Grand Prix

Toronto, ON – February 20, 2015 — The prestigious CASSIES Awards, Canada’s only industry awards program recognizing business effectiveness based on rigorous published case studies, handed out 60 awards at its annual gala in Toronto last night.

The competition’s highest honour, the CASSIES Grand Prix, was awarded to Rethink and Molson Coors for their “Molson Canadian Beer Fridge” campaign featuring the now iconic, bright red fridge that could only be opened with a Canadian passport. Capturing the curiosity of crowds and media from around the world, and the hearts of Canadians here at home, this fridge that travelled the world, increased market share even though the premium beer segment continued to decline in Canada. It generated over $6 million in incremental revenue for Molson Coors.

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December 11, 2014

CASSIES Reveals a Short-List of 2015 Winners

Prestigious awards program to pay homage to the country’s best business-builders on February 19, 2015

Toronto, ON – December 11, 2014 — The prestigious CASSIES Awards, Canada’s only industry awards program recognizing business effectiveness based on rigorous published case studies, unveiled its short-list of 2015 winners today, in advance of the February 2015 awards night.

"This is a first for us, revealing the final list of 2015 winners now, but whether members of the short-list have won bronze, silver or gold remains to be seen – that’s a distinction that will be reserved for awards night on February 19th, 2015," says Jani Yates, President, Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA). "Our judges have seen some phenomenal work this year, and we want to extend a warm congratulations to all of our short-listed client and agency teams."

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July 15, 2014

13 of Canada's Leading Business Communicators Appointed to the 2015 CASSIES Awards Jury

Canada's prestigious awards program announces its judging panel & reminds applicants that submissions are due by August 1, 2014

Toronto, ON – July 15, 2014 - After receiving considerable interest from communications professionals from across the country, the CASSIES Awards, Canada's only industry awards recognizing business effectiveness based on rigorous published cases, has announced its panel of judges for the 2015 competition.

"We have an exceptional group of highly committed professionals on our judging panel this year," says Jani Yates, President, Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA). "They are at the top of their game and are eager to recognize Canada's best 'work that worked.'"

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June 5, 2014

CASSIES Enhances 2015 Competition To Better Reflect Evolving Communications Landscape

Canada’s prestigious awards program announces call for submissions due by August 1, 2014

Toronto, ON – June 5, 2014 - The prestigious CASSIES Awards, Canada’s only industry awards program recognizing business effectiveness based on rigorous published case studies, has announced its 2015 call for submissions – due by Friday August 1, 2014 at 12:00pm EST. Applicants are asked to examine the revised submission guidelines for the newly enhanced competition at www.cassies.ca.

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February 20, 2014

Celebrating Work That Worked: Canada’s Top 35 Business-Building
Communications Campaigns Honoured At This Year’s CASSIES Awards
Grey Canada’s ‘Milk Carton 2.0’ program for Missing Children Society of Canada awarded Grand Prix

Toronto, ON – February 20, 2014 – Last night in Toronto, the top 35 business-building communications campaigns in Canada were recognized by the advertising industry’s most prized competition, the CASSIES awards, Canada’s only industry awards program recognizing business effectiveness based on rigorous published cases.

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February 7, 2014

Study: Canadian media consumption

The Cassies Awards has released a study of media consumption called "The Canadian Cross-Screen Report." According to the online survey, conducted by Angus Reid, 58% of respondents agreed that Canadians prefer content in 30-second packages. Also, 43% of respondents described themselves as "social media addicts" and 54% reported using more than one electronic device at a time while consuming media. In addition, 32% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 said that their devices "make them feel powerful" and that without them, they would "feel like they are not in charge of their life."

"This study explored how our capacity to absorb messages is changing, based on our interaction with our devices and the social media platforms on which we journey on a daily basis," said Jani Yates, president of the Cassies. "In terms of multi-device and cross-screen usage, the challenge for marketers will be to build multi-level engagement platforms that are intuitive to consumers' desires."

The Cassies Awards are presented by the Institute of Communication Agencies, the Association des agences de Publicité du Québec and the Association des professionnels de la communication et du marketing.

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The Case Library

History of Winners since 1993. Want to see the most successful CASSIES agencies and clients? For a full history, by client or agency, click here (Word doc download).