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OVERVIEW: A special breed of traveller makes the journey to a special breed of place.

SITUATION ANALYSIS: In Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) there's no such thing as an accidental tourist. The real and perceptual barriers of distance, time, and cost are enough to deter all but the most intrepid, to say nothing of the siren call from well-funded national and international destinations - and the brutality of the recession.

STRATEGY & INSIGHT: G.K. Chesterton once said "The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see." This was the key insight, because the people who will visit NL don't see themselves as tourists, but as increasingly sophisticated and experienced travellers. They are looking for an antidote to the stress and plastic composition of modern urban life. They want unexpected, intriguing, unspoiled and authentic experiences, not the contrivances of the typical tourist destination.

EXECUTION: The campaign started in January 2009, romancing the uncomplicated and somewhat spiritual feeling of NL. Television had three commercials, each on a different selling point. "Architecture" reflected NL's unique creativity. "Vikings" hearkened back to long-ago visitors, and "Gros Morne" featured the National Park, a UNESCO heritage centre. These commercials used :30s and :60s to capture NL's unique character, and this went even deeper in 2010 with "Ancient Land," a stirring two-minute spot. Newspaper supported TV in key markets, addressing travel barriers. Online closed the loop, allowing users to read more, join NL on Facebook, order a free traveller's guide, or explore Air Canada airfares online.

RESULTS: In 2009, airline and automobile traffic to NL increased 1.5% over 2008. While this may seem small, it has to be set against a travel market that was down 7%. Momentum continued in 2010 with airline and automobile traffic up 6.9% through April 30.

CAUSE & EFFECT: Ad spend was down 18%. Economic factors were against making major commitments. There was no unusual price discounting or out-of-the-norm promotional activity - and there was a direct correlation between the campaign and the business response.

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism
Carmela Murphy - Director of Marketing Andrea Peddle - Manager of Advertising and Communications

Tom Murphy - Creative Director
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