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Videotron dominates
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OVERVIEW: Videotron creates a "total brand experience" and delivers market-leading results.

SITUATION ANALYSIS: The growth rate of the telecom industry in Canada has been declining since 2005, and would grow at only 1.11% in 2009. Nevertheless Videotron, a major player in Quebec, insisted on achieving double-digit growth for that year. This was not a trivial task since Videotron did not have any major new product launches to rely on, while the big names were launching a wide array of new products, new bundles and new services at record low prices.

STRATEGY & INSIGHT: Videotron had always distinguished itself through the power of its cable technology. However, this historical fact would be too narrow for a world of mobile technology and content. Furthermore, Videotron had always used an array of campaigns. As more products came on stream this approach would lead to even more fragmentation, bringing the advertising platform to the point of rupture. The solution would be a new positioning that would transcend all messages, all channels and all products - a positioning based on the idea of handing power to consumers. This became "The Infinite Power" campaign.

EXECUTION: The launch started in March 2009, and evolved to include hundreds of tightly integrated executions across offline and online media including television, radio, print, web, direct marketing, social media and event sponsorships such as the Just For Laughs festival. All elements had a "power" prefix, including "The power to shift to the fastest of the fast," "The power to talk to a good old fashioned human being" and "The power to save." This was complemented by a new identity, with a new logo that gave Videotron the presence of a leader. At point of sale, retailers also got excited about the Videotron Cube. Made of yellow printed cardboard and measuring approximately six cubic inches it drew attention to Videotron products.

RESULTS: For 2009, at +11%, Videotron had the strongest overall growth in an industry that was basically flat. It also out-grew its competitors in all the main subcategories.

CAUSE & EFFECT: Telecom is driven by new product launches, yet Videotron achieved these results with no such launches, and in a recessionary environment. Research showed strong breakthrough for the new approach, and in the absence of other factors it's clear that the results can be attributed to the campaign.


Sid Lee

TVA Accès - Producer
Simon Sauvé, Paul Jutras - Offline Editing
Boogie Studio - Sound and Music
Dalpé - Director
Sara Mishara, David Franco - DOP
Fly Studio, Jean-Pierre Buies
- Special Effects