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OVERVIEW: Sunnybrook attracts record donations during very difficult times.

SITUATION ANALYSIS: Sunnybrook suffered from the misperception (common to all hospitals) that the government funds their efforts, and also that it's "rich" because it is located in one of the wealthier parts of Toronto. Added to this, hospitals like Princess Margaret and Sick Kids were investing heavily in marketing-based programs. So, to meet its fundraising goals, Sunnybrook had to turn up the dial.

STRATEGY & INSIGHT: Research showed that Sunnybrook had high awareness, but limited understanding of what the hospital truly offered. It was seen primarily as a trauma centre, but it is much more than that - it's one of the leading medical research facilities in North America. This had to be brought to life in such a way that would get people to donate.

EXECUTION: There was some consideration for developing a "created" campaign, but this paled in comparison to the power of real-life stories. One involved a mother who had survived breast cancer; another a baby born at 26 weeks; another a horrific car accident. These and similar case histories had deep emotional impact, and showed that Sunnybrook is at the leading edge of medicine. The campaign was launched in Fall 2009, anchored by the line "That's Why it Matters." It ran on TV, radio, online, newspaper, transit, OOH and transit, with much of the space donated by the media.

RESULTS: Sunnybrook raised $52 million - the most money in its history. This was 25% more than in the previous year, during the worst economic downturn in a generation.

CAUSE & EFFECT: Sunnybrook's unaided awareness increased by 50% - the highest jump of any hospital over the campaign period - and this took Sunnybrook from fifth to second in unaided awareness, behind only Sick Kids. The advertising also improved perceptions against all key attributes, and there were no other factors to have caused the strong response.

Sunnybrook Foundation
Pamela Ross - VP Communications, CMO
Craig DuHamel - VP Communications and Stakeholder Relations

Dentsu Canada
Bob Shropshire - President
Jeff McCrory - Strategic Catalyst
Glen Hunt - Creative Catalyst
Deborah Prenger - Creative Director
David Glen - Art Director
Dhaval Bhatt - Writer
Sharon Hill - Account Supervisor
Cameron Moffat - Producer