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GGRP puts a new spin
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OVERVIEW: A fascinating story of retro-innovation.

SITUATION ANALYSIS: GGRP is a premier sound house in Vancouver. Despite a history of award-winning work, and a client roster that had included Ford, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kraft, Levis and dozens more, they were suffering from the perception that they'd gotten long in the tooth. The solution, with a budget of $5,000, was a direct marketing campaign. But what should the concept be?

STRATEGY & INSIGHT: The target audience was Canadian and US creative directors. They judge ideas for a living and can be brutal. But they also love a great idea - be it smart, entertaining, simple, surprising or all of the above. Separately, given the size of the budget, the idea had to have the potential to go viral. It was from these considerations that the idea of vinyl started to take shape. It has a proud history; it's the #1 choice for audiophiles; it's the most creative and expressive medium for sound; and it's enjoying a tremendous resurgence in popularity. The fit with GGRP was perfect.

EXECUTION: The idea of "vinyl" still had to be turned into a standout direct marketing piece, and this came to life as a record player made of cardboard. The package reconfigures into a simple turntable, with a 45-vinyl disc. The disc is rotated with a pencil and as the vibrations go through the needle, they are amplified in the cardboard, telling the story of GGRP. This immediately stood out. Mailings went out across February and March 2010, along with a "spread the word" strategy aimed at 10 advertising blogs and various social media outlets. Within a day the idea had taken off.

RESULTS: The mailing delivered a 90% response rate, far exceeding the target of 30%. As for the "spread the word" plan, the story appeared on over 500 blogs - such as Gizmodo, The Wall Street Journal and Wired. YouTube views for an accompanying promotional video hit 20,000 in under a week, and traffic to the GGRP website grew from 50 visits/week to more than 70,000. Overall, this led to 400+ qualified leads, far beyond expectations.And capping this off, the campaign won a Gold at Cannes.

CAUSE & EFFECT: This was the only activity that could have caused such an upswing in interest in GGRP.

GGRP Sound
Gord Lord - Partner

Grey Vancouver
Geoff Dawson - Copywriter/Associate Creative Director
Andrew McKinley - Art Director
Genevieve Louden - Account Director
Dennis Isaacson - Production Manager

DYNA Graphics - Production
Vinyl Guru - Production