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OVERVIEW: The Shreddies team had a fascinating problem to solve. They had to put Shreddies back on the map, but there was no product news to work with, and - over and above this - consumers had said that they loved the brand just the way it was. So, how do you create news without bringing change? The answer to this question created a marketing phenomenon.

SITUATION ANALYSIS: "Good, good, whole wheat Shreddies" had been a staple on Canadian breakfast tables for decades, but it had been unsupported since 1999. Meanwhile, the market had seen a proliferation of new products and successful line extensions from powerhouse brands in the category. Shreddies was losing sales, and crying out for a radical idea to shake up its business.

STRATEGY & INSIGHT: Inspiration came from focus groups with light or lapsed users who still had a strong affinity for the brand. They had a simple explanation for declining sales. It wasn't the taste, which was fine. And it wasn't any lack of love for the brand, which still ran deep. It was simply that Shreddies weren't top of mind. A layer of dust had to be blasted off that yellow box. But with a huge caveat. They said "don't change Shreddies-we like it the way it is."

EXECUTION: The solution to this Catch-22 was the Diamond Shreddies line extention - a tongue-in-cheek idea that would make Canadians laugh all the way to the cereal aisle. The story was delivered by a 360° launch; first in Alberta test market (starting April 2007), and then nationally (starting January 2008). This mimicked all the usual conventions, using TV, outdoor, PR, print and the web-all with a straight face. Launch TV, for example, showed a "diamond" production issue at the Shreddies plant, with company brass turning that problem into an opportunity. The website (in apparently real research) showed consumers on camera earnestly discovering the advantages of new Diamond Shreddies.

RESULTS: Response in Alberta was positive and immediate. After years of historical decline, baseline consumption averaged +15% VYA for the first four months - results so positive that the test market was discontinued early. In the first month of national expansion Shreddies saw an increase of +18% in baseline consumption, and sales in the following months of the campaign showed positive baseline increases versus the prior year.

CAUSE & EFFECT: The business response, given that it is based on ACNielsen baseline results, has all pricing and promotion factored out. In addition, tracking demonstrated big wins on key measures (figures were supplied), for example with Shreddies significantly beating competitors for brand recall despite a much lower media investment. Finally, although not strictly a measure of cause and effect, Diamond Shreddies has been one of the most recognized campaigns in the industry.

Kraft Canada
Steve Van Tassel, V.P. Marketing
Jennifer Hutchinson, Director of Marketing
Mangala Dsa, Brand Manager
Jordan Fietje, Brand Manager
Margaret Wong, Brand Asst.

Ogilvy & Mather
Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin, Co Chief Creative Officers
Ivan Pols, Associate Creative Director
Tim Piper, Associate Creative Director
Hunter Somerville, Writer
Shenny Jaffer, Producer
Terry Cavanaugh, Producer
Kristi Karens, Group Account Director
Anabella Mandel, Account Supervisor
Hana Reznikov, Account Executive
Carlos Garavito, Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy One