Q) Why are there so many changes this year?

A) Since the CASSIES was launched in 1993, the communications industry has transformed almost beyond recognition. While there have been changes to the CASSIES over that time, the pace of industry change has been accelerating, particularly over the past five years. The CASSIES mission remains unchanged: “To prove, by rigorous case study, that advertising is a prudent commercial investment over the short-, medium- and long-term”, but how that is expressed must be in line with the industry of today.

Q) There are some big changes to the categories, which seem to have moved closer to those of the Effies. Was that deliberate?

A) When the CASSIES was originally developed, the aim was to take the best of the Effies and the U.K.’s IPA Awards. Both these award programmes have evolved over time (in differing directions) which we reviewed in detail. We believe we now have the best of the Effies, IPA Awards and the CASSIES.

Q) Why did you remove most of the entry criteria for specific categories?

A) When the CASSIES was first launched, the marketing and advertising landscapes – dominated by Packaged Goods – were much more orderly and predictable than is the case today. So there was a consensus that, for example, it was reasonable to wait a full year before being able to evaluate the effectiveness of a new product launch. Today, where consumer communication is multi-faceted and many times faster, these rules of thumb no longer apply, especially as many CASSIES entries come from categories, such as Online Gaming, Banking and Gambling, that behave very differently to Packaged Goods. We believe CASSIES judges are best placed on a case-by-case basis to decide if the length of Business Results Period quoted in a case makes it award-worthy.

Q) Why have the judging criteria changed?

A) CASSIES judging has always been focused on great work proven to deliver great results and this has been further sharpened with the new criteria where we put more focus on the originality of both thinking and creative and add in a benchmark of “Scale of Task” against which to measure the quality of the results.

Q) Why has the entry date been put back?

A) We recognise that many agencies who enter cases into the CASSIES also enter the Effies. Both programmes require much communication with the clients for results, background information and sign-offs so, by putting back our entry date a month, there can be some coordination of requests to the clients, easing the workload burden for the case-writer and the imposition on the client.

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