Six Steps

Step 1:Register
Step 2:Selecting Case & Category
Step 3:Getting Buy-In & Approval
Step 4:Writing the Case
Step 5:Getting Materials Ready for Submission
Step 6:Submission/Fees


Deadline for Entries

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015, 12pm EST

How to Enter

To enter the Cassies, you are required to submit a rigorous written case study with supporting advertising materials. In addition you may also submit a video summary of the case, no more than TWO MINUTES in length.

Step 1: Registering Online
Step 2: Selecting the Entry Category(ies)
Step 3: Writing the Case
Step 4: Getting Buy-In & Approval
Step 5: Getting Materials Ready for Submission
Step 6: Submission/Fees

Key CASSIES points to note

1) Entries have to come from a "client/agency" team (the agency can be in-house).

2) For all CASSIES cases, the work must be substantially conceived and created by the Canadian-based team submitting the case i.e. it must not be a lift or adaptation of work created elsewhere.

3) Judges award three levels of prizes: Gold, Silver and Bronze. They will also decide on a Grand Prix Best of Show. Each case is decided on its own merits irrespective of the level of competition within each category. Equally, there may be some categories with no winners. You may enter as many cases, or an individual case into as many categories as you wish (as long as your case meets the qualifying criteria for each category), but no individual case can win more than two awards in any one year. The decision of the judges is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

4) Gold winners will be expected to prepare a two-minute case video based on a brief provided by the ICA (if not initially submitted with the case.)